Sunday, August 23, 2009

We begin again

Here we are at the start of another college term. More than ever before, I'm realizing that the new freshmen (that's you) are pretty clueless and frightened about the whole process, and that I need to give you grace and help. That's part of the point behind this blog.

The basic Blogger software has one problem that gets in our way: the most recent posts are on top. You really should read this blog from oldest to newest, so you should click on the links at the right to move back a couple of years and begin there. I began with the most basic material, and some of the more recent comments are (frankly) irritable and scary, especially if I'd had a run-in with a student and was feeling grumpy.

Anyhow, I hope this material is helpful and that this alien planet (college campus) becomes a pleasant home for you fairly soon. Do remember that there are LOTS of resources to help you survive here. You just need to ask.

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